Sunday, 20 January 2013

Mr. Radbury`s Reverie - Concept Design

It is almost finished, but I don`t feel as relief as I expected. Still, not satisfied with the final look of the character, the cut and the rhythm of the whole story. But it is hard and  nearly impossible to improve it anymore, or I need to go back to the very beginning, from concept design to animating, it is like making another film.

It is time to let it go, it is time to accept the shortcoming and preparing myself for the next one.

The final look of Mr. Radbury is very different from the original design, I changed lots of details and also because 3D and 2D have different understanding of space and movement, I modeled Mr. Radbury`s body much thinner and made the clothe tighter, so that the animating in Maya could be easier and visually more comfortable.

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